Spring 2019 Colors to Include in Your Wardrobe

Floral pocket square with Pink Peacock, Turmeric, Pepper Stem and Soybean colors.

Rest assured, you don't need to follow the trend of shirtless suit jackets or leather pants that are prevalent on the runways this spring to be on trend. We've compiled our favorite 7 spring trend colors (coincidentally, we also have these colors featured in our pocket squares) to keep you on point this season!

Sweet Lilac

Beautifully feminine pink with a hint of lavender, this pastel of the season is playful and sweet. This play on the traditional pink/lavender tone is delicate and plays well with other colors. Our favorite combination is sweet lilac and light blue.

Princess Blue

Overwhelmingly luxurious is an understatement. Princess Blue is as elegant of a blue as it gets. This is a color you can't help but admire when you see it. Complement its vibrant tone with Turmeric or any yellow - it screams summer!

Aspen Gold

This bold and energizing color is sure to brighten anyone's spirits, especially on a cloudy Vancouver day. Bright and optimistic, this color pairs well with navy and adds a pop of color that is sure to attract attention.


Think bright painted hacienda streets - you'll think Fiesta! Its energetic and passionate feel will have you in the mood to get out there and make the most of the day. Stand out by wearing this color alone or pair it with black, neutral brown tones or cream color.

Paisley print pocket square with Pink Peacock, Fiesta, Aspen Gold and Turmeric colors.


A spicy yellow-orange is appearing everywhere in fashion right now. Pair it with a green or tan colors and its hard to miss. We've used this color in a traditional Indian Saree pocket square, what's not to love?

Pink Peacock

Magenta on overload! This color is so bold, few choose to go it alone, but as an accessory it won't go without notice. It adds flair (absolute understatement) to pastel yellows and stands out against any neutrals.

Pepper Stem

This lighter mossy green of the season fits in perfectly with the temperature change. This truly whimsical color adds warmth to any grey Vancouver day. It adds the feeling of renewal to navy, red, neutral and yellow.

These colors are vibrant, bold and exciting. All can boldly go alone or add flavor to any outfit. We have incorporated all of our favorite colors in our hand made pocket square collection - TAGE.

About TAGE Clothing

TAGE clothing is a line of handmade pocket squares from Vancouver BC. The clothing line was born out of a combination of life long love of fashion and a love of community development. All of the profits of the pocket square sales go back to local charities that have a direct impact on Vancouver communities.