LiveBIG Society and Brook Pooni Non-Profit Group Collaboration

The collaboration is officially underway! Together, they have created a limited-edition custom pocket square.

The design for the square was created by local artist, Anna Laurence. The digital pattern is composed of photos she took around Vancouver BC and digitally arranged. Sumit, the head of LiveBIG society, hand selected the design that resignated most with him and his organization.

Sumit tells us why he chose this particular design:

It's calming but chaotic at the same time, so there is a little bit of play on both sides of it. I love the green color, because of rebirth and of growth in nature and then also in my experience in recover and coming a place of addiction for many many years, the rebuilding of my life and regrowing relationships. It speaks to me from that perspective.

There is the blue and the calmness that comes from the water and then, the circles. They show the circle of life and that it continues. The circles show with the red and the blue the different stages and that they can happen at any part of the cycle.

To me, there is so much going on at one time but its also very calming and peaceful. With the different interplay between the colors, I cant stop looking at it, there is something new that I see in this square every single time. 

LiveBIG Society promotes freedom from addiction through connection to recovery-based systems of care. 

This LiveBIG square will be available online in small quantities at